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With A Restaurant Zola Predosa

The Hotel SHG Bologna is pleased to offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a typical meal at the in-house restaurant in Zola Predosa. “Il Rifugio” is open for both lunch and dinner and is happy to welcome hotel guests and non-residents. 

The hotel’s restaurant is the perfect place for food lovers to enjoy a meal, particularly for visitors wanting to experience the most authentic flavours that represent the typical local cuisine. 

The kitchen at the Il Rifugio Restaurant in Zola Predosa is proud to pay tribute to the wealth of local and regional traditional cuisine by serving a wide range of typical dishes. 


The à la carte menu and new dishes that are frequently being added will enable guests to take a journey into the tastes and culinary history of the region. 

You shouldn’t miss out on the wonderful homemade pasta such as fried gnocchi, tortelli, anolini, cappelletti, lasagne and tigelle.

This hotel with its in-house Restaurant, Il Rifugio, in Zola Predosa, always strives to offer visitors every comfort.  This means there’s no need to leave the hotel if you want to enjoy a lunch or dinner as you can just relax and eat at the hotel.


The cuisine at Il Rifugio pays tribute to local culinary traditions by lovingly preparing a range of classic dishes which are created using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. 

These are chosen depending on the season to ensure that every dish that’s served is fresh, healthy and delicious. 

A further plus is the hotel’s Pizzeria which means you can also enjoy delicious freshly made pizzas as an alternative option. 


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